Dear Reader,

Wouldn't it be incredible to trace your family bloodline all the way to Adam... the original child of God?

This is something we've never been able to do before...

Until now.

I have to warn you, what I'm about to tell you might be extremely emotional...

Because on this page you're going to learn the 1 undeniable sign that you are a direct descendant of Adam.

AND the brand-new research that confirms it.

Yes, you heard that right.

For the first time ever, we can now trace your family's bloodline back thousands of years...

All the way to God's first children... made in His very own image.

Atheists can scoff all they want, but watch their jaws hit the floor when you show them the proof on this page...

You see, when our Creator placed the Earth into its perfect position in the universe, and first breathed life into Man...

He gave humans something called "DNA"... a type of divine microscopic code that He used to tell your body how to grow and what to look like.

But He also encoded something very special in Adam and Eve's DNA...

Something that would be carried down through their billions of descendants... all the way to a special group of people. Christians, like you and me.

It's a single gene hidden deep inside our DNA...

That, when unlocked, could actually help trigger a CURE for nearly EVERY devastating disease.

And I'm talking about major health issues here... things like cancer, Alzheimer's, heart disease, COPD, and more...

But how do I know for sure?

My friend, what you're about to read next is nothing short of a miracle.

But in case you or a loved one don't have time to wait for our slow mainstream medical system to accept this miracle – I'm going to reveal it to you here... NOW.

Right this very second.

Every exciting piece of this monumental discovery...

The incredible science that proves its power...

And even all the details to start doing it yourself – right where you're sitting now.

So let's get started... beginning with the very question that led us here:

Were your own genes "coded" by our Creator with the innate ability to REVERSE all human diseases?

I know this seems like a lot to accept.

After all, it goes against everything we've been told by the secular mainstream about curing disease...

But, you see, it turns out...

  • Alzheimer's, dementia, cancer, diabetes, neuropathy, heart disease, Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, even allergies, insomnia, depression and 61 more deadly conditions...

All have ONE thing in common...

And even your own doctor could have been missing this for years.

But there is good news today – because if you're suffering with any of these conditions yourself... or ever worry about a loved one...

This God-given miracle could be the blessing you've been waiting, hoping and even praying for.

It changes everything about your body's power to prevent and even CURE nearly any disease.

Thanks to this presentation, you're among the first to learn about this amazing DNA discovery...

AND even learn how to use this secret yourself... safely and easily.

So keep reading...

It doesn't require surgery, drugs, or any kind of medical procedure...

In fact, the secret is simply teaching your body to process nutrients in a perfect way... safely and naturally. Just like God always intended.

To help you understand how it works... think of this secret like a light switch.

The second you start doing it... your body could begin to:

Turn OFF disease and reverse even the most puzzling cases of autoimmune disease, Alzheimer's, debilitating heart conditions, cancer and more...

And immediately...

Turn ON a new, supercharged repair system... to restore your health and make sure the devastating disease that held you in its grip NEVER returns.

Imagine what that could feel like for you or a loved one... to have that huge burden lifted off your shoulders.

No more scrambling to pay stacks of medical bills that are piling up on your kitchen table...

No more wasting your money on new treatments that are full of empty promises and do nothing but burn money in your wallet...

No more worrying if you're becoming burden to your family as your condition gets worse, forcing you to become more dependent on them year after year...

Because the secret revealed on THIS page is the miracle you've been praying for all along.


The one that will finally work – no matter how big (or scary) your health worry is.

And keep you independent, healthy and disease-free for a lifetime.

Now... just for a second, imagine your life without doctor's visits, prescription drugs or ever worrying about your health again...

Because your brand-new, healthy body feels like it's running on auto-pilot... forever.

That's the incredible peace of mind this secret delivers.

Ok, ready to learn how?

Let's begin by looking at your DNA itself...

(Or 20,000 of your genes, to be exact.)

You already know these building blocks control everything about you...

From the way your organs work together... all the way down to the tiniest flecks of color in your eyes.

Frankly, the unique "genetic code" in your DNA is the story of what makes you, YOU.

And, yes, a lot of that is inherited from your parents... grandparents... and their ancestors before them.

But there's one gene hidden in our DNA that went unnoticed dating ALL the way back to Adam.

Let me repeat that because it's important: We've had no idea this gene existed.

Don't believe me?

Here's exactly where researchers found it... located right there in section 1p36.22.

It's even been nicknamed The Adam Gene, and our researchers believe it's one of God's first (and greatest) gifts to Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden.

It turns out, that little gene was responsible for EVERYTHING...

  • From the way their bodies turned foods into fuel...
  • To getting rid of harmful waste and poisons that cause disease...
  • Fighting off the harsh environment around them...
  • And, best of all, it even regrew cells in their bodies when they were damaged.

Basically, think of the Adam Gene as God's foundation for keeping their systems working in perfect balance... and making sure they stayed completely healthy.

But if He gave us such a perfect system, why do we have disease?

Well, that's a smart question... and not easy to answer from a scientific perspective.

But Biblical scholars think that disease was actually created during The Fall of Man, when Eve took her first bite of the forbidden apple.

So when she first sinned, it set off a chain reaction that would be passed down through her children, grandchildren and so forth...

Causing that one Adam Gene to often mutate. Or "go rogue."

Meaning those who inherited a mutated Adam Gene were a prime target for more than 61 different diseases.

That's right. And I'm not talking about rare kinds either... everything from Alzheimer's to Parkinson's to Stroke... Cancer... Epilepsy... and more – all point directly back to this mutation.

And when you think about all of the Adam Gene's responsibilities, it's easy to see why that list is a mile long...

But, despite what we've been told...

We are NOT "stuck" with the bad genes we inherited.

And we CAN fix a mutated Adam Gene to make it work perfectly again.

Because God has provided us with the solution.

In fact, it just takes the perfect amount of just ONE nutrient to repair the damaging effects...

Even better, with the simple nutritional "fix" I'll share with you next... you could reverse the damage it's already done.


Whether it's a deadly disease like cancer, Alzheimer's and dementia or high blood pressure...

Even cystic fibrosis, asthma, or chronic fatigue...

They're all NO MATCH for this secret.

I'll show you how it works next – but, first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Brian Chambers, and I'm the senior research assistant to the world's leading disease expert... Dr. Mark Stengler.

If you've heard of him, you know that Dr. Stengler has been a pioneer in natural medicine for over 20 years...

Helping thousands of patients in his California clinic find the TRUE underlying cause of their diseases.

You see, he's known for taking on the most puzzling cases that other doctors just can't figure out...

And the lucky group of people that have visited him consider it a BLESSING.

In fact, new patients even call to request an appointment with "The Miracle Doctor"...

Because if prescriptions for miracles existed, Dr. Stengler's sure written quite a few in his time...

But the biggest secret behind his success rate?

While the mainstream worships prescription drugs, Dr. Stengler turns to God's wisdom.

So when Dr. Stengler first saw the Adam Gene... he knew it was NO accident.

Because deep in that research, he noticed a strange connection to something he'd already discovered LONG ago...

He realized... it was the MISSING puzzle piece to reverse the effects of the Adam Gene mutation.

You see, back in 1996, Dr. Stengler was the only physician in the US talking about a natural nutrient called GX-9, and dozens of ways it can transform your body.


Because GX-9 happens to be one of the most abundant natural proteins in the human body...

And it's found in every single living cell.

Its job?

To act like a titanium-reinforced shield against disease.

You see, GX-9 works like a fortress... protecting all of your cells from the inside out...

And guarding those precious cells against the man-made threats constantly attacking your body.

Things like: radiation, pollution, pesticides, ozone, or any other foreign invader that's bad news for your cells.

But, until recently, we thought GX-9 only had one weakness: Age.

You see, studies have shown that as we get older, we start to lose GX-9 in droves.

Like a hole in the bottom of a bucket that grows bigger and bigger...

After the age of 20, our levels of GX-9 plummet... losing 1% every single year after.

So if you're 65 years old... you only have about half of the GX-9 protecting your cells than you did when you were younger.

And that door to your cell "fortress?" Consider it stuck halfway open... inviting in all those "enemies" that your immune system can't handle on its own.

In exchange, they completely wreck your cells and ravage your body... creating "incurable" diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's, and more.

Luckily, there is good news...

Because Dr. Stengler believes replenishing your GX-9 levels is the way to repair a mutated Adam Gene...

Because when GX-9 meets a mutated Adam Gene, it triggers a CURE – forcing your body to get rid of any disease.

Here's where it gets really shocking... because when Dr. Stengler held up two separate lists of diseases, and compared them...

  • One showing diseases caused by the Adam Gene mutation...
  • And the other showing damage caused by aging GX-9 levels...

THEY were nearly IDENTICAL.

It was an earth-shattering discovery to be sure...

But Dr. Stengler wasn't satisfied there.

So he dug further into the research... and, sure enough, he found even MORE proof that people with the Adam Gene mutation have... you guessed it... low levels of GX-9.

Luckily, the solution to restoring your levels couldn't be easier.

You see, even though your body already creates GX-9 on its own, there is a simple way to boost your body to safely create more of it...

Replenishing the levels you lost over time AND reversing the damage of the mutated Adam Gene.

And here's the proof that it REALLY works...

Take for example the Alzheimer's epidemic – a terrifying disease that claims more than 5 million senior Americans every single year, and is only getting more out of control.

Having lost my own father to Alzheimer's years ago, I can tell you...

The only thing that may be worse than dying from it, is living through the nightmare of watching the disease take its toll...

As the strong, fearless person you love is taken as a victim, and slips away... until nothing is left but a shell of their former self.

If you know someone suffering with Alzheimer's or dementia, or maybe you're in the early stages yourself – this story is, sadly, all-too familiar.

A doctor sits you and your family down to tell you there's nothing more you can do. Your only hope is to take a prescription drug (like Aricept) that "treats" symptoms for a short period of time.

Only that's a lie...

Because prescriptions don't actually improve your symptoms, they don't stop the disease... and they certainly DON'T reverse the damage.

But they CAN deliver some of the worst side-effects known in the Rx world... things like nausea, vomiting, dizziness, constipation, bruising, and even confusion.

So, until recently, suffering through the side-effects (all for the promise of holding onto your identity for a few more months) was the best we could ever hope for.

That was until all-natural GX-9 did the impossible: Stopping Alzheimer's right in its tracks...


And was even proven in clinical trials to REVERSE the disease.

Here's how...

Researchers found 43 senior patients suffering from severe memory loss, and put them through a series of tests to confirm they had progressing Alzheimer's.

The seniors were then split into two groups: One was given the GX-9-boosting protocol.

And the other? Nothing... just an empty placebo.

Imagine the researchers' shock when the unexpected happened...

A short 12 weeks later, the lucky group with boosted GX-9 (and ONLY that group) was able to recall memories that they couldn't just a few months earlier.

Suddenly, they were able to remember phone numbers... important dates... do quick mental math... all things they couldn't do before.

It was a dramatic improvement to be sure – but then their results got even better!

The group continued the protocol another 12 weeks, and when they were given a test at the end and asked to name words that began with the letter "A" – they named HUNDREDS.

Before the study, they struggled to come up with just a few... but now they could name as many as the researchers asked – and with lightning speed!

And remember, all of this was done by just using the GX-9-boosting secret.

It was simply training their bodies to make the PERFECT amount of GX-9... with NO prescriptions, NO complicated protocols, or anything like that.

But this isn't the only study that proves the Alzheimer's-reversing power of GX-9... far from it.

In fact, there's the incredible case of Harold G – a 65-year-old retired truck driver from Des Moines.

After struggling with severe dementia for three years, Harold finally got so bad he couldn't write numbers, tell time, or even remember the day his twin sons were born.

Later, he completely lost all ability to speak to his loving wife, Sarah.

Heartbroken, she realized she was no longer able to care for him...

And moved him into a nursing home where, much to her horror, his condition only worsened.

With nothing to lose, Harold tried a new approach to treating his Alzheimer's... a simple way to boost his GX-9 levels.

And just a short time later – Harold found his words again.

Continuing with his protocol, Harold kept improving and even began to recognize Sarah.

She said, "For the first time in many years... his face ‘lit up' during our visits."


Imagine... having the person you love, and thought you lost years ago, come back to you – right before your very eyes?

It happened for Sarah and Harold, but they're not the only ones...

There's also the story of 70-year-old Miriam, who was suffering from years of memory loss.

After three years of mental decline, Miriam's husband was disturbed when she forgot her friends had passed away many years ago... and began asking strange questions about them.

Immediately Miriam's husband put her on the GX-9 protocol, and just a few months later her memory scores dramatically improved.

And during a test she was even able to remember many objects after several minutes.

Plus, her husband reported she was happier and livelier than she'd been in YEARS.

Friend, if GX-9 can reverse Alzheimer's damage for Harold, Miriam, and so many others – imagine what it could do for a loved one...

Or even you, if you ever worry about your memory fading...

They all used the same exact secret I'm sharing with you today.

And the way to increase your GX-9 couldn't be any easier...

Just follow Dr. Stengler's clear and easy protocol to train your body to make the PERFECT amount of GX-9, and the same could happen for you too.

Because the miracle of GX-9 doesn't stop with Alzheimer's either...

In fact, in many more studies it was proven to:

But GX-9, didn't stop there either...

  • BEAT diabetes by taming runaway blood sugar into submission
  • Next, GX-9 OBLITERATED deadly stomach bacteria that causes cancer
  • In a third study, it made patients' brains practically STROKE-PROOF
  • In yet another study, deadly COPD symptoms completely vanished with GX-9 – wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness... POOF! GONE.
  • In a study on autoimmune diseases... GX-9 forced deadly inflammation to DISAPPEAR – and all the symptoms right along with it
  • For patients on the verge of a heart attack, GX-9 helped RUSH blood back to their organs and even re-regulated their heartbeat
  • And in a large study on military veterans, it was even shown to dramatically reduce PTSD symptoms from the battlefields of war.

Friend, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what GX-9 could do for you...

In fact, over 30 clinical trials all prove the life-changing power of GX-9.

And now, physicians in-the-know are even adding it to the latest cancer treatments as a way to beat colon, lung, skin, breast, stomach and liver cancers.

Friend, this is so exciting – because for the first time, a missing link that can connect ALL disease has finally been found.

And it took Dr. Stengler's God-given gift of wisdom to finally put it all together.

Dr. Stengler doesn't want you to wait another minute to use it for yourself or for a loved one.

So, he insists on sending you his entire Adam Gene Protocol, along with the full guide to boosting your own GX-9 levels... For FREE today.


It's called: The Adam Gene: God's Gift to Cure ANY Disease

There's no extra charge for this life-saving information. (Not even shipping.) It's his gift to you, as a doctor and as a Christian.

And I'll show you how to claim your free copy next...

Here's where it gets really interesting... because The Adam Gene doesn't begin with you paying for some high-priced genetic test.

In fact, Dr. Stengler's disease-reversing solution works exactly the same by targeting all "mutation" offenders: Alzheimer's, Dementia, Cancer, Diabetes... and more.

So please feel free to share it with anyone you know who is suffering from a debilitating disease.

Make no mistake... GX-9 is the most powerful natural nutrient in God's pharmacy.

But you must know how to use it correctly for the best results.

And The Adam Gene is the only complete guide-book that teaches you how to actually "rewire" your own genetic code...

By restoring your GX-9 back to the abundant levels of your 20s... and the way God always intended.

All safely and naturally, right in the comfort of your own home.

And just how safe is it?

Well, even though the Adam Gene is a recent discovery... the GX-9-boosting protocol has been studied extensively for decades.

And has been declared safe by respected sources like Clinical Advisor, WebMD and more.

Your Adam Gene guide-book gives you clear, step-by-step instructions on how to get your body producing the PERFECT amount of GX-9...

As well as all the detailed research behind it... more proof that it'll work for you.

You'll be impressed by how easy it really is... and all the time and detail that went into the report.

Show it to your own doctor, and I'm positive he'll feel the same.

Because every single page of Adam Gene has been thoroughly written and scrutinized by Dr. Stengler...

So you can feel confident you're getting nothing less than premier advice from The Miracle Doctor himself.

(Look for his signature on the first page as a stamp of authenticity!)

And it's all waiting for you inside your FREE guide: The Adam Gene: God's Gift to Cure ANY Disease.

Keep reading, because your chance to claim your free gift is coming up soon.

But before you do, I have one final Stengler miracle to reveal to you today...

You see, if you're suffering from nearly any type of chronic disease, Adam Gene has you completely covered.

But there's one persistent thing that it can't touch... and that's pain.

Why? Well, to put it simply pain is just a symptom – not the root cause of disease.

And it comes from your nerve signals, NOT from your DNA.

But luckily...

Dr. Stengler has now uncovered a way to ERASE agonizing chronic back pain... without scary surgery, needles, dangerous drugs or painful physical therapy.

Actually, your back won't even be touched. At all.

It's like the hand of God Himself reaching down to erase your suffering

Please, if you or anyone you know suffers from chronic back pain, you must listen to this short story.

This is 83-year-old Grace M. from Terra Haute, Indiana.

Just 4 years ago, Grace suffered a life of constant pain. The degenerated discs in her back had her stooped over in unrelenting agony.

Poor Grace was so desperate she was actually about to submit to a scary experimental drug therapy.

That's when she heard about Dr. Stengler's protocols. In their first meeting, she couldn't even walk into Dr. Stengler's exam room. The pain was too severe.

But just 60 days later, Grace practically skipped into his office and gave him a big, grateful hug.

The agony she'd lived with for years was a full 80% GONE... erased from her life. She was so happy.

And Grace's freedom from back pain was accomplished without the drugs, needles or painful surgery that seem to be the mainstream's only answers...

So what was the cure that saved Grace from a life of unending pain?

Turns out, this blessed miracle for many back pain sufferers is just a couple very special all-natural capsules a day.

These amazing capsules are so safe, they're something your body already produces naturally.

You see, one of the most common causes of back pain is one or more degenerated discs. Studies show by age 50, almost 85% of Americans show some evidence of degenerative disc disease.

That's why Dr. Stengler's pain relief protocol is so revolutionary. Here's how it works...

You see, there's a unique substance found in your vertebral discs. This substance helps cushion your spine like the springs in a mattress, but it starts to break down as we age.

But by just replacing some of this substance... restoring it to the levels God gave us in our youth...

...well, Dr. Stengler has watched patients stand, straighten their backs, and burst out laughing with the joyful realization that their pain has vanished like magic.

And you can do it too, with just a few inexpensive, all-natural nutrients you can buy in your local grocery store.

Now, finally, could this be the blessed answer to your own back troubles?

Think about it... no more hunching in pain... grimacing when you stand... or avoiding your flower garden or the golf course... not anymore!

And like so much of God's plan for us, the answer is so simple... if you know where to look.

But there's one big catch.

You must know exactly where to buy this substance and the right form to take. Get the wrong one and you're wasting your money – because it just won't work.

In addition to The Adam Gene, Dr. Stengler would like to send you a SECOND free gift!


He's taken all the details you need... including exactly how to get this treatment for yourself... and compiled them in a bonus book he's calling his Natural Healing Encyclopedia.

And he wants to send you a complimentary copy today. Remember, you'll pay nothing for these two gifts, not even shipping.

In your Natural Healing Encyclopedia, Dr. Stengler is sharing his complete pain-erasing protocol...

...the same one he uses to change patients' lives in his own clinic.

Dr. Stengler will even tell you the specific form to buy and exactly where to get it in your new Natural Healing Encyclopedia.

Right on page 41, you'll get all the details for how this miracle can bring quick, complete back pain relief for you, your spouse or your loved ones...

Imagine a life blessedly free from chronic back pain.

Friend, that life can be yours sooner than you know it. Dr. Stengler has the answer you've been praying for... and it's waiting right inside the pages of his Natural Healing Encyclopedia.

Please know, this life-saving book will never be sold in stores or online.

The only way to receive a copy is through this page. So keep reading for your chance to claim your free gifts...

Gift #1: The Adam Gene: God's Gift to Cure ANY Disease

And Gift #2: Dr. Stengler's Natural Healing Encyclopedia

Because while other doctors charge hundreds or even thousands just for a single consultation, Dr. Stengler's breakthroughs are given as free gifts to you.

You see, as a Doctor and a Christian, that's the way Dr. Stengler thinks things should be.

He just asks that you share your newfound knowledge with your loved ones and cherished friends.

But he has much more to share with you and your family today.

Inside the Natural Healing Encyclopedia, Dr. Stengler wants to give you every proven disease cure and treatment he's developed over his 20 years as a doctor.

It's his way of sharing all of God's healing miracles with as many people as he possibly can.

In fact, your FREE Natural Healing Encyclopedia is a massive 560 pages long... containing every single one of Dr. Stengler's best natural solutions for beating just about every disease or health condition known to mankind.

This book is Dr. Stengler's masterwork – the result of his 20+ years as a doctor and researcher.

From diabetes to dementia to arthritis to heart disease... from shingles to skin cancer to prostate issues... there's a solution for each of them in the book.

And today, you are being gifted all of his natural health breakthroughs and disease-reversing protocols in your own complimentary copy of the Natural Healing Encyclopedia.

And in case you're wondering if the secrets in the 560-page Natural Healing Encyclopedia are truly as powerful as I'm promising, well, let me offer this sneak preview of what you'll get...

Because thanks to Dr. Stengler's new natural medical protocols, there are no health problems too big or too dangerous.

Not even a massive stroke...

Meet Jack E. from Calabasas, California.

At 71, he learned the major arteries that feeds his brain – the carotid arteries – were almost 100% clogged with deadly plaque.

Soon, the blood to his brain would be stopped completely. His doctors told Jack the grave news:

He would very likely suffer a lethal stroke in the near future. The outlook was extremely grim.

But let me read what happened next in Jack's own words:

I became a patient of Dr. Stengler. He put me on a strategic nutritional protocol to get rid of my plaque.

After one year, I had a repeat ultrasound of my carotid arteries. They were 100% clear.

The attending doctor stated ‘This is unusual. I don't ever see that type of reversal.'

But I guess I shouldn't be surprised since Dr. Stengler's natural treatment also reversed my wife's newly diagnosed type II diabetes.

Thank you, Dr. Stengler. I can now enjoy my recent retirement in great health!

What an incredible story!

Again, with just a special protocol that included some delicious foods and natural supplements (and NO SURGERY)...

Dr. Stengler cleaned out Jack's plaque-clogged arteries. Completely.

His doctor might have thought it "unusual," but Dr. Stengler wasn't surprised. He's used to seeing miracles like this happen all the time...

And that's why he included the protocol that saved Jack on page 216 of his Natural Healing Encyclopedia.

Dr. Stengler explained everything you need to know in clear, easy-to-understand language... there's no medical mumbo jumbo here.

You'll get his step-by-step instructions for reversing heart disease and preventing deadly heart attacks and strokes. Without drugs and without surgery.

Maybe you're asking yourself "With these kinds of results, why hasn't my own doctor mentioned this new medicine for my health problems?"

Well, the sad truth is... your doctor is very likely completely in the dark. You see...

This is a brand-new kind of medicine and these are Dr. Stengler's own personal protocols. The exact same ones he uses in his own clinic...

What's worse is, in America today, doctors simply aren't taught about God's natural cures and healing gifts.

Our mainstream medical system allows drug companies to pay for medical schools and doctors' continuing education... and I'm sure you can imagine the results of that.

Pharmaceuticals are pushed... no matter the side effects... while natural cures from God are overlooked or even discredited.

The rule in American medicine is "Prescribe. Prescribe. Prescribe."

Now, finally, there's a better way.

You see, Dr. Stengler received a special kind of education.

He graduated from a medical school that provided 200 times more education on natural cures.

In fact, his disease protocols are so revolutionary... and so effective... that he's been asked to speak about them as an expert on Fox News and the 700 Club.

But perhaps nothing speaks to the miraculous work he's doing more than this fact:

When doctors face their own health problems, well, they come to see him!

This is Dr. Rhonda D.

She's a physician from Mission Valley, California.

When Rhonda was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, she worried that she wouldn't be able to continue to practice medicine.

The disease made her lose her balance in the office and it affected her vision so she couldn't read her patients' charts.

It got so bad, she was in danger of closing her medical practice for good.

That's when she went to see Dr. Stengler.

Using just a few simple vitamins and some essential fatty acids – God's natural gifts delivered in a very special way...

Dr. Stengler's new medicine reversed Rhonda's MS symptoms.

That was 8 years ago. Rhonda still feels great... and she's still practicing medicine.

And today, in your 560-page Natural Healing Encyclopedia...

Dr. Stengler is making his own protocols for MS, arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, and restless legs syndrome available to you... free.

The protocols and health solutions in your Natural Healing Encyclopedia are so powerful, you will find yourself asking, "Did I really just get a second chance?"

Now, if you or someone you love suffers with diabetes, the answer is yes.

Because on page 233 of his Natural Healing Encyclopedia, Dr. Stengler has included a shocking revelation...

He's now discovered a 49-cent, needle-free breakthrough that may finally be able to help REVERSE DIABETES.

Yes, type II diabetes can be reversed by a natural "eraser" that doesn't involve drugs, surgery or needles.

But how can this be?

Because the "mainstream" is getting it all wrong.

Imagine if sugar... carbs... being overweight... didn't matter?

Trust me, I know this sounds a little nutty.

I thought so too. Until I saw the eye-opening science for myself...

The same research I'm about to show you now...

You get diabetes because you drink soda or eat candy... or because you're overweight. Right? It's a great theory and a favorite of Big Pharma drug pushers, but there's more to the story...

And today... Dr. Stengler is exposing everything.

Independent research has found a shocking LINK between common toxins in our environment – especially pesticides and plastic byproducts – and type II diabetes.

Amazingly, a 2008 study by our own National Institutes of Health confirmed that workers who had prolonged exposure to pesticides were associated with up to a 200% increased likelihood of diabetes.

And a Centers for Disease Control study of 2,350 women released just this past year found a surprising link between a toxic substance called phthalates...

...which are found in medicines, perfumes, cleaning products and a bunch of other stuff in your house right now – and a diagnosis of type II diabetes.

The hard science suggests that these – and other toxins we are exposed to all the time – disrupt vital chemical processes in your blood... leading directly to type II diabetes.

But there is good news. Thanks to Dr. Stengler's new medical breakthrough...

Diabetes can easily be removed from your system by a simple, natural treatment that costs only pennies!

In fact, Dr. Stengler's powerful solution has helped so many of his patients overcome diabetes they say it feels like the disease was literally flushed from their bodies...

Gone for good.

Just ask Jennifer E.

Jennifer is a 65-year-old from Houston who came to see Dr. Stengler to treat her type II diabetes.

Dr. Stengler immediately put her on his breakthrough anti-diabetes protocol.

This is an all-natural detoxification formula combined with an extract from a thorny shrub.

This natural formula has been shown in studies to be just as potent and effective as the best-selling diabetes drug... but without the side effects!

Again, God's own cures triumph where "modern medicine" fails.

Because imagine her surprise when...

Jennifer saw her blood sugar PLUMMET by 80 points in just ONE MONTH

She no longer has diabetic levels... and she uses no medication.

Thanks to Dr. Stengler's new kind of medicine, Jennifer's diabetes is CURED.

And it's so easy when you know what to do. Now, let this be your story too.

Get off insulin for good and stop living the diabetic nightmare...

Today, you can finally make it a reality.

On page 205 of your free Natural Healing Encyclopedia, Dr. Stengler shares the full details of his diabetes-reversing formula so you can use it yourself.

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You know hot flashes are an absolute misery. No question about it.

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There has to be a better way. And thanks to Dr. Stengler, now there is.

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